Friends List

The friends list is gone again as well as profiles for now it seems.

I think because there are still problems with it. The Streamers Team Battle shut down with huge problems - so maybe was still the Friends-List foult. I believe Thibault knows exactly what he's doing and how important the friends list is for us.

The best way to get back "friends list" is use this option: Lichess needs cash for bigger server and development stuff.
Remember lichess has no advertisment and its total free!

Keep up the great work dude.

would you ever have imagined to have 80k online users, when you started this project?

I love programming as well as chess and I wish you good luck in your projects!

@redjok Exactly! This site is great and it's actually unbelievable that you can use all features without restrictions for free. Too make this place even better (=more & better server) I strongly recommend to become a patron. Just giving the equivalent of a cup of coffee each month would make a huge difference...

I miss - we miss - the friendslist so much!!!!!


Guys, please put back the list of friends , what's this , we are humans not machines. we want it back!!! Thanks