Friends List

Oof, I used friends list quite a bit to keep track of students online, or whether they were in games. Really stinks to lose this.

During these tough days, many people are staying at home, and a lot of them play on lichess... so we have to be patient if some things change or if lichess becomes slow from time to time.

@thibault do you think you can do a place where nice and kind players can go like a leader board it might seem chessy but I think that it would be a good idea can someone reply so I can see if people are with me thanks

I'm a big fan of the friends list but it's a small price to pay to keep things smooth. It's really impressive how lichess is handling the huge increase in users, especially considering there isn't a team of employees working on this stuff. Big thanks to everyone working behind the scenes.

thanks for answering what i was looking to ask. i did not realize things were slow. perhaps for those who like me missed the reason for its lack, put a constant sign in place that doesn't need to be updated every tenth of a second?