Friends List

I'm temporarily disabling the friends list, for technical reasons.

It was designed to handle 10k online players. Now that we reach 80k, it doesn't work well anymore, and makes the server slow.

We'll work on re-implementing the friends list in a way that's sustainable for 100k online players and more. In the meantime, we will have to do without it, in order to enjoy a snappy server.


Thanks @thibault and all the other contributors for working hard in the current situation and trying to increase the user experience on this site. I feel like with more and more people joining Lichess and giving this some time this whole project can only become better and better. :)

Excellent to see more growth! Keep up the great work!

Awesome, good job guys.

Jeez, I already thought I lost all my friend in these difficult times...glad you just removed the list. ;)

NOOOOOOOOOO you mean I actually have to turn on Netflix??? It took me under an hour to see the change, I guess it's an important feature for me but I understand and - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.