Found a loophole in puzzles

While solving puzzles on browser version of lichess, one can access the game from which the puzzle was derived in the top left corner "From game #xxxxxx" before actually solving the puzzle first. By turning on the chess engine, a solution to the puzzle will immediately be shown. I've tested this myself several times and lichess will still give you points despite you not actually solving the puzzle. One could easily indefinitely inflate their puzzle rating this way

That's not a loophole, that's intentional. If someone wants to inflate their rating, they are only wasting their time. Lichess puzzles exist as a training tool, if someone wants to use their time boosting their puzzle rating, let them do so. They are just wasting time they could be spending actually learning/playing and doing puzzles.

Don't see why they couldn't allow the particular game to be reviewed only after an attempt at a puzzle was made . I see no intention in this, what's the point

The point, I guess, is to make cheating as easy as possible to make fun of it.

Give lichess users as many options as possible I guess.

I just tried looking at a game myself before solving the puzzle and found 2 things that people might like about seeing the game first: First is that they see the evaluation (if the game has been analyzed). Stockfish isn't automatically on and suggesting moves though, so it doesn't just give away the answer. Seeing the evaluation might give a confused puzzle solver an idea about how critical the move is and how much they need to win by.
2nd, they can get some more context by looking at the previous moves leading up to the position.

I really see no downside to it. If someone is going to view the game, manually turn on stockfish, and then find the answer, then they are only cheating themselves. "Cheating" on puzzles doesn't/shouldn't impact anyone else.

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