First Move Wait Time is an Abomination

Didn't this start with your expression of how unhappy you were, annoyed, irritated. Myself, I am content, smiling. Guess you would not do well on a deserted island, or in the dark woods where no one hears your frustration. It's an illness, caused by growing up with all these electronic gadgets, that you need to be constantly externally stimulated. Those of us who grew up down on the farm, before telephone, television, much less computers, we can accept silence, enjoy solitude and inactivity, entertain ourselves --- for hours, not just for 25 excruciating seconds.
Is that the kind of TALKING you crave?
Don't mean to be ragging on you, man, it's just an amusing different take on life.


@Chuck_Fess So you think I seriously had a Voodoo curse placed on your Adblocker, or what? I'm getting tempted, that's for sure. Your wild psychological theories are interesting but, like all interesting theories, are wrong. My theory: You're deflecting.

Of course, this is all based on the false premise that y'all are the only people in the world who don't get annoyed by what are, effectively, loading times haha I came here to play chess, not ponder upon my turnip crop. If you were in the middle of listening to a piece of music and your stream froze for 35 seconds, you'd be annoyed (or in Sparowe's case, if their phonograph ran out of diesel). Are you so argumentatively desperate that you're prepared to pretend you wouldn't be? If I'm in the middle of a chess session, I want to play chess. What's. So. Hard. For. You?

@lazerblood69 The telephone was invented in the 1890's. President Grover Cleveland had one demonstrated to him and remarked, "Clever device, but who would want one?" Telephone service reached the hinterland where I lived in 1958, when I was 12 years old. Funny, I have had telephones for over 60 years now, and I have not gotten an important call yet. Television reached us in 1954; I watched winky-dink and had a winky-dink screen.
Lots of things annoy me, from ignorant presidents to people cutting in front of me in traffic to people asking if I want fries with my fast food order to waiters trying to rush me out of the restaurant by getting that plate "out of my way." It wasn't really in my way, thank you.
It's good to have a little perspective. Compared to genocide of the Rohingya or China locking up millions of Uighurs, waiting for the first move is way down the list.

How do they pronounce Uighur/Uyghur in Bolivia? We say something like "WEE-jerr" with a 'j' like 'judge.'

Ok, fair point. Obviously it was my bad for not mentioning in the OP that climate change and religious oppression are slightly worse.

@lazerblood it's with the hard g, like you are growling, not that brazilian wishy-washy sound
I understand. I get outset about minor things also, and have a bad habit of showing my ass on them.
BTW, your mention of DMV was on target. I had a DMV moment once, years ago, when I responded to the witch of that office, who insisted I was wrong when I was right, "You're just as nice as everyone says you are." She had a reputation for being a bitch.
Let us go in peace.
Another BTW, I do study chess seriously, especially chess history, so we have plenty in common.

Why not let each player decide how much time for the first move? I would chose 3 seconds for bullet, 2 seconds for hyper and 5 seconds for blitz. The lowest time rules. Too low? Chose another opponent.

25 seconds is too much... a whole sexual intercourse worth of time.

Last time I played in lichess marathon, somewhere between 20 and 25% of the games I played had one player or another fail to move in time.

Generally my opponents, but not always. Sometimes, the rest of the site refused to load soon enough, despite having both low enough ping and high enough bandwidth - I imagine they experienced the same.

(And the first marathon ever even overtaxed lichess servers entirely.)

Mercifully, the problem of having to wait that long seems to be gone with the updates to many things as far as I can see. But there is historical reason for it.

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