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  3. First move time limit

I object to being on a strict time limit of only 25 seconds or so in cases where an opponent starts with an irregular move such as e3, d3 etc. It is not constructive to be forced into a quick choice in these situations. One should either have an option to click a button [limited number of uses in a timeframe] to say 'I am here and commit to playing, start my regular clock', which if abused could result in some large playban or other penalties, or have the user on registration pre-select without need of time pressure, the response he wishes to make in that circumstance. I do not feel happy that my game completion rate may dip below 100% because of this and I am sure there is a workable solution to be found.

This is one of the silliest requests to date. There are 20 possible opening moves White could play. If you are so slow and nervous that you cannot respond to their first move within a reasonable 25-second window, then prepare a response to the 20 possibilities.

*someone rated 2100 should know what their first move is going to be lmao*

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