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  3. [Feature request] Total time on analysis board & Chess insights

Hi !

I'd like to see on the analysis board and chess insights, statistics about the total time of each phase. For example, for a game, I'd like to know, how many time I spent during the opening, middlegame and endgame and know statistics about it. For example I'd to know, at the entrance of endgame how many time I used (for example I already used 70% of my time).

I think it can be useful to know "Oh I thought to much on the opening and the rest of the game was too short". In order to improve my time management.

Thank you !


I realize that my post was not written in good English. Hence the possible lack of attention. Here is a improved version.

I would like some improvements in the game analysis section. More particularly in the visualization of move times. I want to see the total duration of the game and the game phases (opening, middle and end) in the graph because, when playing in increments, I find it difficult to calculate the total time used. Even better, would be to have the relative and cumulative time of the game.

Thank you very much!