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  3. [Feature Request] Suggested Modification to take backs ... please read!

I have seen several topics regarding the topic take backs continually pop up. A lot of it has to deal with:

Is it sportsmanlike or chessman like to accept/decline take backs?
Why do people hate take backs?

I would assume there is a generous population on either side of the opinion of good/bad when it comes to how we feel about them.

Personally speaking from the bias of someone who has been burned by take back requests in the past I no longer accept them and in fact have them disabled so that they can't even be requested. However, I completely understand the idea of accidentally miss clicking while analyzing sometimes and regretting it after, especially if your opponent declines your take back request. We can assume that this is the main reason the feature was added to online chess.

So in an effort to meet the other side of the playing field that feels we should always accept take backs... I have this to suggest for a modification to the feature or maybe an option that you could turn on in your settings in lieu of take backs...

I brought this up in another post so this segment is copy and pasted:

""How do you know if the player is being honest and is going to move that same piece but to a different square... this wouldn't be a miss click as you intentionally clicked that piece and then another square and then realized you did not like it for what ever reason? You can only know once they replay the same piece... I've unfortunately been burned too many times when the player promises to move the same piece and then doesn't.

So how do you change the way it works?

Upon requesting a take-back it should ask you where you want to move that piece instead... and only offer that piece as a piece to move... and once you select your position you can then submit it to your opponent to accept or decline... If i'm presented with a position that obvious shows the player miss clicked by a square or two while analyzing then I would be more than happy to accept it knowing that the board will then automatically make that move for them and not allow a moment of dishonesty.

This is just my opinion. I don't manage a website that hosts thousands upon thousands of users though. This could have already been debated and tossed as an idea...""

Thanks for your time and for reading this. I mean not to complain in any way as I love this site... I wanted to offer a solution to an existing problem that seems to spring up on the forums often...

tl;dr the takeback request feature should include requested move in lieu of the move just made: for example 0-0 instead of Kf1.
I agree, I would more likely to grant takebacks if this is implemented. Until then, all takebacks will remain disabled.

@hangrad im glad to have at least one supporter to this! thank you for speaking up!

though tl;dr would more accurately be: the takeback request feature should include requested do-over with the same piece in lieu of the move just made. for example O-O instead of Kf1.

I would still leave it off if they were able to still submit a move with another piece.

That's not an important feature. Chess has no takebacks. If your position is bad, just resign and start a new game. I am sure the developers have many much more important things to do. Their main focus is preventing engine users from dominating the leaderboards.

As I mentioned in another forum post, the way I worded it also is a form of enforcing the touch rule in OTB chess. It doesn't fully encompass it to the extent that once a piece is click you have to move it, no you can still analyze potential moves by clicking a piece. But once you click that piece somewhere, you still have to move that piece if you request a take back. When I am calculating ahead, I only click a piece to see its potential options, but never move my mouse over those options until I've decided. This is how I avoid miss clicking, I actually don't have move confirmation on.

This has nothing to do with the position being bad or not. I was just simply clarifying the the position I'm being presented with needs to be a take back and remove the same piece just to a different square... this is under the impression that take backs were implemented under the assumption players would sometimes accidentally click the wrong destination square. If I'm presented with a position involving the movement of another piece, that to me is you saying I don't like my last move I found something better when your clock was running and not mine....

Bad idea that would just introduce unnecessary clutter and confusion. Takebacks are not an essential piece of chess, just disable it if you don't like it.

@edvindracula I already block take back requests. The reason take backs are consistently blocked is because people abuse the feature to change their moves.

This is simply a suggestion on modifying how it works so that they are more accepted. This was an attempt to compromise with the other side of the debate and find away to prevent topics on the sportsmanship of take backs being posted daily.

Maybe its not the best solution, but at least I am offering one instead of just complaining.