Feature request: Save puzzles history


I am sure there's already been a request to make this possible - to save the history of solved tactical puzzles to go over the failed ones and review, not just current session but all time, same as games one played. Would be great if you could make this happen.


And more stats. Best players, graph like in blitz (how many players have this rating etc.), average solve time, average puzzle stat..

In the meantime, you can always save the puzzles you wanna practice again later as bookmarks in your browser, by first clicking on the puzzle identifier.

While we are at it, it would be nice if we could make and share custom "playlists" of puzzles.

Also I want to mention that it might be quite easy to implement since the *data is already saved in the database* (this can be checked by going to any previously solved puzzle - the system remembers it because it won't assign/deduct any points upon success or failure). So this comes down to just *making this data available to the user*. Please consider.

yes, please consider. why can't lichess implement something like this:
i am sure it would be easy to do, it really just comes down to making something like the above link available to the user. i know it cannot be difficult. source: i am a programmer.

This is another feature that was here and they took it out. Incidentally, if you are curious, the IMO more important related feature they had, as I've said previously, was current puzzle memory. Right now if you don't get a puzzle, wait a bit and hit control-r, and you get a new puzzle. This allows cheating since you can just do the puzzles you think you can see the clear answer to.

Please upvote my comment if you agree it's a good feature to restore as well.

The puzzles history has been implemented after the V2 revamp which was quite a big jump compared to the previous version.

Complete puzzle history will be available for V2 puzzles I guess, so all one has to do is solve more puzzles in the new database.
Don't think it would be feasible to provide puzzle dashboard for the old set of puzzles.

If you want to download the older set of puzzles, check

Puzzles are for self-improvement so a leaderboard for comparison with other players is pointless and may lead to feature abuse.

Personal puzzle history and weaknesses to improve at is already available in the dashboard.

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