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  3. Feature Request - Opening Trainer

It would be pretty awesome if there was a repertoire feature on lichess. The idea is that you can make an opening book or tree that you can edit and change to fit the openings that you use or play against. Either it could be one big repertoire, or two repertoires; one for white, the other for black. For example, I play the Sicilian, so in the Repertoire for black, I could include the Sicilian but I don't need to put the French in there sine I don't play it. Another cool feature for this would be for the computer giving you a position from your repertoire and it working like the old opening explorer. Hope you consider this idea!

AFAIK, There was one, but it was unpopular so it was removed.

You can use the study environment to "make an opening book or tree that you can edit and change to fit the openings that you use or play against", as I do here:
You can also consult both Stockfish and the "lichess" and "masters" opening databases from within a study.

still would like to see a more like chess position trainer feature for opening training. 1) put in your repertoire for black or white
2) if you press start you play all variations randomly (very important for me) one playsession the computer plays d5 , other session computer plays d4 against you for example)
3) failure on your side means you got to start all over again.

or is the cpt version of learning copyrighted ?

I was looking for something like @garbarek suggested.

i think there is a big demand for what your asking, if i'm not mistaken there was a poll last year for feature requests, and opening training was a close second ...

There was never one that was removed. It would be cool if lichess got one, but it will be difficult for it to be better than the one at Chess Tempo, which is the best one around (I own the full version of Chess Position Trainer, and Chess Tempo is better).

Have you tried Chess Repertoire Trainer (Android)? It's a great app for someone who wants to train on the go. It supports PGN import and the GUI is very easy to use. It allows you to create openings and train against it. You can download it directly from the Google Play store. There is a free version (with ads) and an inexpensive (few bucks) pro version without ads.

MasterD what you want is on a different server,if you are good enough to do the study

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