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  3. Feature Request: New 3D pieces

An update would be very nice.

The list of possible 3D pieces is unlimited: Staunton, Dubrovnik, FIDE(?), Zagreb, Reykjavik, etc.

Chess Titans for Windows has a good style of pieces.

My biggest issue with the 3d pieces is they are way too big for the squares. I'd love a slider that lets you resize them relative to the squares.

The bottom right one (brown pieces) looks beautiful. All others are a bit bigger than they should be.

Free high-quality assets are hard to come by.

Indeed only wood chess set is very good. It will be nice if there will more wood chess set - ceramic and glass is not what chess players often like.

There is nice chess set:
1. on blender and it can be rendered
2. on my table I can make photos

Probably there is more idea how to sculpt ...

I play with wood chess set since the best. I think that is one of major advantages of lichess among other sites.

Some blender examples - some need experiments with textures. Same can be done with current sets (wood textures). I am not very good artist but can render something nice for fame and your pleasure but not sure about format :)

Sinquefield Cup chess pieces are awesome, though

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