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  3. Feature request: Leela Zero Bot challenge by ECO code

Very cool to be able to play many incarnations of Leela Zero on lichess!

Since the Leelas play a human style of chess, it would be helpful (as tournament prep) to be able to challenge them in the opening of our choice, specified by ECO code.

Yes, would be interesting to see how she plays closed pawn structures like French Botvinnik with c5-c4 or Kings Indian Mar del Plata with d4-d5 and f5-f4.

You can challenge @LeelaChess bot to play from position already.

@mooskagh how does this work? Edit: found it. (Challenge her -> 'from position')

5 3

i play white

'Challenge declined' :-(

Seems it declines all my challenges.

Does "Play with the machine" default to Leela as the opponent?

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out - "From Position" is a variant when issuing a challenge.

@nh78 I have disabled the feature right now. There are some bugs I need to iron out before enabling it again. Just have been swamped with work and life right now and can't pay attention to LeelaChess much.

@LeelaChess ok, thx for info

Totally understand man I support!

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