Feature request: Chess variant "No castling"

As proposed by former world Champion Vladimir Kramnik, it would be interesting to play games without castling with a separate rating list just like King of the Hill etc.

I really like the idea and think it can be very well a new variant as you say. But you might also read the article by Gregory Serper to limit Moves in tournament.

Maybe there could be also a tournament format of that kind to try out this idea. So you would propably dont loose on time dead lost positions in Blitz for example... If the opponent looses valuable moves in a basically lost game.

If I remember correctly, castling was introduced shortly after the Q was made more powerful by allowing her to move any number of free squares in any direction. The Ks were suddenly much more vulnerable, so it was decided they needed the ability to castle and obtain quick protection.

Playing games without castling might be interesting, but I'm not sure it would be so much a variant as a step backwards.

@GSP0113 you make a worthy point, making it into a variant feels odd, it's almost too simple. But at the same time I love the whole idea of well played games that go without castling, wether both players or even one castling and one not. It is interesting seeing this request being posted quite a bit lately by different users. Let's call it the kramnik effect.

BTW @jeffforever another user an myself decided to entertain no castle play in a team feel free to join. I'm up for a game anytime just send a challenge.

@Kanaan92 I do think the tension surrounding castling is one of the more fascinating elements of the game. I sometimes will put castling off if my opponent doesn't have any imminent threats on the board, but it's always a bit of a tightrope walk. Games without castling tend to be a bit like switchblade fights in a phone booth.

(Does anyone out there know what a phone booth is today? Have I just dated myself? LOL!)

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