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  3. [Feature request] 15 seconds + 0 games. ¼+0 games.

Faster chess - a deeper dive.

The pleasure to watch 1/2 hyper bullet, when really powerful players play great combinations with such a small time limit.

Is it possible to deeper immersion and see a quality game at a limit of 15 seconds?

If so, I would look at these titans.

@Ptolomaeus better watch quality 1/2 hyperbullet in this video

I think we should just be able to have custom time controls, where we can input how many seconds the game is.

1 second bullet would be interesting...

I support it!

15 sec tournaments would be insane

@Checkers-Network 1 sec???? that may be a little too insane :)

1 sec hypermegabullet would be fun to watch. They'd have to be premoving everything, and each game would last 2 seconds tops for the spectators.

Or you know what might actually be interesting? 0 min + 1/4 sec increment, just long enough that you can avoid flagging if you keep moving pieces, so the game would end in a checkmate if both players were serious about playing that time control.

That would be really awesome!

I think this idea is great!!

i support 15sec chess if there a separate ratings for this

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