Feature Request / Study / Prioritize Variations

Dear Lichess Team,

I thought it would be nice to be able to order (move up and down) (sub-)variations in the Lichess study tool according to move strength. For example, if there are several alternatives in an opening study, the best move could be made the main line, the second best variation on top of the alternatives and so on. I understand that one can use the existing "promote to main line" feature several times until the desired order of variations is achieved, but if the study is complex with many alternatives this is inconvient as "promote to main line" affects the whole study tree. "Move line up"/"Move line down" could be added to the menu for changing the order more easily.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.

Btw. the study feature is great and I am using it a lot!

Yes, these things are planned and will land soon.

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