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  3. Feature Request : Links to help files on the main page

Could you put a link to somewhere on the main page? Maybe in the learn menu or the hamburger menu on the right. I've just spent about a 30 minutes trying to find descriptions of 'arena' and 'beserk' and rules for all the different variations of games. Even the variant link doesn't describe how tournaments work, or what the difference is between bullet, blitz, rapid, etc. I can't find a link anywhere that describes how these games work on lichess.

When you join a tournament, or even if you just go to a tournament page where the join button is, it'll explain all the rules.

Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Classical are just time controls, how much time you get within a range.

Bullet is less than 3 minutes

Blitz is 3-8 minutes, etc.

+1 -- Good idea.

Easy access to the the basics of the system / platform would be useful. (In addition to the rules of basic chess; variant rules pages, an explanation of terms like "arena" and "beserk," etc.) You have to dig, drill-down or search for these things, and it would be helpful to have them all in one place. (Even just a series of static HTML pages.)

Another idea, things like the API reference, ping-o-meter, and key/critical Q&A should have a dedicated page of links. I would think this falls under the "Tools" menu (drop down), but, those look to be chess-specific tools, so maybe under a "Help" drop down.

Thank you for the info OldPalHappy, but the point is, I would like to know these things 'before' I click on a tournament and without searching the forums. This information should be clearly available with just a click or 2.

It is.