Feature Request : Coordinate Training should have correct response , incorrect response and Time

Visualizing chess squares plays a critical role in improving chess game.
Current the Chess Training Coordinate - Training only gives the end score ( total correct).
it would be nice to have the total correct,incorrect with time taken in making choice.
and user should be able to download this similar to Chess-games PGN. The user can then perform analysis and make necessary correction and it will also be nice as a metric - which will encourage new users.
Start training
Total score :16
Start training
Total score :16
Score sequence:1010001011111101110110011
Time Sequence:.4,.5,.6,.7 and so on.
( Total correct 16 , incorrect 9 )
OR Score with clock information :
1. 1 { [%clk 0:00:1.968] } 2. 0 { [%clk 0:00:2.213] } 3. 1 { [%clk 0:00:1.968] } 4. 0 { [%clk 0:00:2.213] } etc
where %clk =HH:MI:Sec.Millisecond ...

Ya good idea lichess should really do this

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