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  3. [Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control

I like how everyone is either praising it or saying there is no point. nobody is adding on :) but... why would we need to? :)

yes great idea !

I also support this great idea!

and will berserk be 3.75 sec?

@Ptolomaeus, we don't know yet... But if we are lucky and 1/8+0 gets implemented, then it would be probably 3.5 or 4 seconds, or maybe just 3.75 (crazy :DDD).

Hmmmmm, I think at this point chess is becoming more like 3 check as people are just going to try to flag their opponents.

@IsolatedPun-Youtube, well, people said the same about ultrabullet. :))

"After consultation with the lichess legal team we have decided to cancel the implementation of instant chess. There is apparently some physical danger associated with playing chess at high speeds. Research shows that the minimum amount of time that an online chess game can be played in is 15 seconds; therefore a 15 seconds time control has been added to lichess instead of 0+0."

great idea :D

Maybe we can just skip ahead to 0+0. You have whatever your ping is to make a premove before you find out what your opponent played. If you make an illegal move, you lose on time. (Note: This time control may actually be a forced win for Australians).

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