[Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control

You can make 300 (or whatever number) moves in 1 second. :)
Look at this game:
The move number 100 — 0.8 seconds on the clock.
The move number 224 — 0.7 seconds on the clock.
It took only a tenth of a second to make 124 moves.

The reason I think 1/8 should be allowed as a time control, is that when we play bezerk only tournaments in Ultra, there are people who don't bezerk and cream rating points. Which is not very fair.

1/4 is fast enough for me generally, but if there was 1/8 I would play it sometimes, as it's like 'high-altitude' training --- but for time.

At the end of the day it is only a number on a clock counter -- but for some people this is really great fun. --- and those who frown on it, because it's not serious chess, don't have to play it.

I think so too! It'll be a nice challenge to me since i love ultrabullet

this is ridicolous.....under 1+1 any time control is ridicolous and doesnt count chess skills but reflexes/lags/mouse skills look at 1+0 gms blunder their queen what you say

Magnus shows us already sometimes in the Titled Arena than he is able to play (and win) 1+0 time games without inaccuracies, mistakes and blunders (Lichess analysis 0/0/0).