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  3. Faster to analyze with Lichess or Computer?

I just enabled (Multi-threaded web assembly) WASMX (Since PNACL seems to have randomly disappeared now), and am wondering if there'd be a significant difference if I ran Stockfish on my computer to analyze a position, compared to WASMX in Lichess on Chrome.

PNACL is faster than WASMX by many times. Sometimes it goes out of PNACL for me on chrome too, at this time you have to clear the cookies for Lichess to get it back. It's unfortunate, since you have to sign in again.

Native stockfish is faster than PNACL by a factor of 2. But honestly at my low level better graphics are worth more than going from depth 25 to depth 27, so I use the Lichess interface.

I did clear the cache, which didn't seem to help, but didn't try clearing my cookies due to the pain that can cause :)

Yeah, I am low-rated too, but always like to find the "best" move possible... thanks for your help.