Either stop the problem with time wasters or I revoke my donations.

#70 this punishes people with bad connections but good game play habits.

You didn't answer the question about which is the default, Is the checkbox ticked by default on game creation or is empty by default on game creation, when you click on the 3+2 or 15+15 buttons on the home page, which set of rules does the game follow?

#70 - also, if we can properly detect that you are disconnected, how does this improve the situation from what we have now, which is an automated way for one player to end the game when their opponent disconnects?

@lakinwecker It attempts to, however databases do not seem to include this data? Or if they do I'm looking for the wrong thing...

$ bzcat data/lichess_db_standard_rated_2019-12.pgn.bz2 | grep "White left the game
Black left the game"

EDIT (to avoid pinging everyone's activity feed again, since I agree): I agree without knowing how the games ended, that paints a far different picture... I should assume the 11% of games are mostly mitigated esp. given recent code changes.

If it doesn't include the amount of people who successfully used our already implemented mitigation technique, then this is quite misleading. If it's 11% of games have one side that tries to waste time, but only 0.0001% of games actually succeed, then that paints a far different picture than 11% of players had their time wasted.

In my limited testing, it seems that "White Left the game" and `"Black Left the Game" refer to situations where the claim victory is used and "Time out" refers to a situation where someone legitimately timed out. So not sure what the stats you posted are saying. Then again, I didn't thoroughly review the source.

No worries, upon closer examination (remembering I can pipe bzcat to grep -A3 without running out of disk space) I see the source PGNs contain neither comment but look like:

[Termination "Time forfeit"]

1. e4 { [%clk 0:05:00] } d5 { [%clk 0:05:00] } 2. exd5 { [%clk 0:04:58] } 1-0

Yeah, that makes it tough to distinguish them. Based on my testing today, I'm even more convinced that the current code is doing its job in detecting these. (NOTE: there was a recently fixed bug which improved things significantly)

For anyone reading this thread, the best thing you can do to help us out is to let us know when someone runs down their clock and to help us try and reproduce it so that we can fix any bugs that are there. I just tried to reproduce it today in my local testing environment and was unable to do so.

+1 to give more severe punishments to time wasters... Is it a real problem in rapids... and classical I suppose also.

During my initial games here I was not able to resign, so I wasted not only my time... I clicked resign button, it turned green and that's all. It might be helpful to have "resign in ONE CLICK" mode on default.