Editor of players for 2 or many players

Now editor of board use by only 1 player.
Please do editor of board for many and only for 2 players. Without time control and control of legal positon and legal moves like now.

This is need for play any variants chess, checkers and explain to friends anything.

1.If only 2 players: 1 host + 1 guest. (like game with friend). Host play for host, guest play for guest, like usual chess. Need impossible for add other players in game 1v1.

2.For many players:
2.1 All players may play premoves for both sides. Chat for all. Try to all players do premove (for example add new piece on board or moves by pieces) on board (like votes) and lichess sum all votes and tell mutual move to host. Host can play this move or any other move if he decided this need (this is need counter trolls).

A Board Editor that is available for several users is a great suggestion! This would be a huge improvement, and it would make it possible to analyse games/positions with other users. It should include a chat and an option were you can play against the other user from a specific position, which already is included in Board Editor. It would make it so much easier to teach/discuss chess on lichess!

May be will do this board for 2 players without chess rules?

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