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  3. Early Leaving Issues

I was in a game with a much lower ranked opponent and when i was in a winning position had connection issues which forced me to reload the page, by the time i reloaded the game had ended with me losing despite still having 1:46 left on the clock which resulted in a loss of 18 rating points for no reason

That is unfortunate, but this is exactly as it should work, isn't it? It is impossible to know why you left the page. In general it might be better to expect that you quit instead of making others wait for minutes.

but with a time limit existent anyway surely that should run out instead of giving an opponent option to claim a win? furthermore my opponent in other times has left with their green dot turning grey to show this and i haven't received this option

That is because there is a time limit before you can claim victory. happens to me many times during even a blitz, I have to reload. Has cost me many losses :-(