Draw after two repeats...

What a waste of game... We haven't a third repeat... Why is that happening?

Well, you didn't post the game, but I still know the answer. Three repetitions don't have to be in a row.

The same position appears three times on the board - that is a draw.
Move 33, 35 and 37 all have the same position.

If this is the game you are referring to:

Ah, the old "the moves don't have to be same". The following game does not contain a consecutive threefold repetition of a sequence of moves and could be extended indefinitely if the fifty-move rule didn't exist:

This is the reason it's threefold repetition of positions rather than moves.

Incidentally OTB 3fold repetition and 50 moves with no progress allow for optional draw claims, but players could choose to continue play.

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