Doing tactics on multiple devices forces user to re-do previously solved puzzles

Hi Dev team

I do a lot of tactics on Lichess (if you would like a dedicated tester for this, i would be happy to volunteer). I have a long standing issue with how the tactics work on lichess. If i solve puzzles on my mobile (for example), i might do 100+ puzzles in a sitting. Unfortunately, if i later login to my laptop, i am forced to re-do all 100+ puzzles. Would it be possible to sort this out so that i don't get forced to constantly work through the same puzzles again, just because i have changed device? I really use this feature a lot and updating this would be a huge improvement.


Ps, thanks for all your effort, love this site! :)

yes, this is a problem, would be great if it could be fixed

I have this issue the other way around, my phone doesn't sync the puzzles. My workaround for this issue is to delete all application data from my phone after I solved a massive amount of puzzles on PC. This forces the app to re-sync everything, incl. the puzzles' status.

Lichess already stores whether you've solved a puzzle before, so it would be nice checking here, too.

Try to delete the cache of your browser or login to lichess in private mode.

all new users also have to do the same collection of puzzles rather than being randomized

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