dmitlichess has stopped working

I love having these guys commentate while I ply, but a few months ago it stopped for reasons unknown. does anyone know what I can check to troubleshoot it?
yes, I have the sound turned up and all the obvious basic system things are working. I'm using it in firefox.


1) Don't be rude to people trying to help
2) This isn't a lichess problem, talk with the creator of the app.

It works in Vivaldi browser. Maybe file a bug with Mozilla (or the app creator can work around whatever they broke)?

The Firefox version of the extension is outdated. Only the Chrome version has been updated for Lichess v2.


1) Clearly the guy cannot help if he doesn't know what I am talking about. You aren't trying to help either. How about not saying anything if you can't help?

2) you taking offence on behalf of someone isn't a Lichess problem either, yet here you are. Now sit down.

Thanks to everyone else. That answered my question.

I just tried the chrome extension and it doesn't work either. The web page for is has many comments saying that it's not working at all for several months now. I'm hoping it's not dead, but it's a distinct possibility.

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