Disrupting the Fide Title Industry

Hi Thibault,

This would undoubtedly put strain on your work, and add an ungodly amount of pain to your daily life - but here's the request.

Could you hand out titles to everyone, from the 1000 rated player to 3000 rated player in such a way as to devalue the broken and archaic system that is currently in existence?

I look forward to your response.


Hmmm... if I do not understand the question/request then will they? What ever do you mean sir?

He appears to think that as soon as Lichess starts to hand out titles to everybody, people will lose all interest in the FIDE grandmaster title, and then FIDE will run out of money.

it's a noble thought, but it won't achieve the stated goal. and it will make lichess a worse place. making lichess a worse place just to spite fide sounds like a bad idea to me.

Just an idea: creating a decentralized federation and give titles out using NFTs

@glbert I'm not about spite. I just want something better than the status quo. Usually that takes disruption of the existing system. Its an entrepreneurial word and even if it sounds mean to you, it is not.

You're not going to "disrupt" FIDE by trying to convince a free website to award players made-up titles for winning utterly unverifiable online games.

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