Discrimination against some players, why ?

Hi, I've got XP system (can't afford the new one at this moment). Why you slow my pieces' movement ? Why can't I even see my opponent's time ?! And please show a resigantion button, sometimes I need this badly ! You should not to treat your users like this :/

@Siabal neither you nor me can make demands of Lichess. We can make suggestions, and Lichess can decide of they will or will not follow our suggestions.
This is a free site, who are we to make demands to someone, that is offering something for free? That's just ungrateful.

If you need an update or change of software for your computer, make a post about that. There are free software you can download.
Unfortunately I am not very knowledgeable in computer software, so I can't advice you.

Hope you can find a solution.

I just need some basic stuff, no more no less than others.

Hi, @Siabal !

As #2 tells you, you do not come across as especially polite in your post.

Lichess does not "slow your pieces", and are not treating you unfairly.

Windows XP is outdated and retired by Microsoft, though that is likely not your problem -- more likely, you need to upgrade your browser, e.g. Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Also, there is no need to buy a new operating system. I would suggest you take a look at for an easy to learn and use free and gratis operating system.

Good luck in your further endeavors!

Yes, you are right. I should say it in more polite way. I'll try to fix it be myself. Till then I guess how much time I have left, it's not easy due to I usually play bullet :)

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