disconnections ALL the time!

@quuuuu see that 651ms? i bet our problem is the same. You have about 72ms, i have 63 ms, all of a sudden yours go up to 651 ms and mine goes up to 508 ms. i trace again with open visual traceroute and i discover that it goes from portugal to france, but it goes and come then from usa. dunno if the higher pings have to do with this atlantic connection. My connection "reconnected" twice while i was writing this post. It would be cool if more people could testify about their connection to pinpoint what the problem is. What kind of connection do you have @quuuuu (adsl, fiber, 4g)?

That 3 failures in your ping must make any game to disconnect. That's the proof that your connection with is not allright. Try to ping for example. It is a portuguese site, very reliable, if it gives you a constant ping... Anything is wrong with lichess connection.

me too, wifi 100, based in adsl in one location and 4g in the other two. May be a problem with the wifi? can you test the connection with your computer wired to router?

more than 20 disconects in 5+3 game, abouy 1 per move... i've done with this, maybe i return in future when i can actually play a game again...

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