Disconnected while playing

Dear Admins,
since last version was released, I was not able to play any more.
I'm disconnected every few seconds and to reconnect I have to refresh manually the page. In this conditions it is impossible to play.
Please help.

I'm using Chrome rel 18.0.1025.162 m

With firefox 12 I have the same kind of problem when I use some proxy (I can not say much about it - it's magic for me). Don't know if this is due to the latest version of this site because I am new
here. Is there some special port used ?

It keeps on disconneting. I even tried updating Chrome, but no result. Can any of Admins please let me know if they have any idea about timing for problem solution? Thank you


I don't suppose it's possible that you have more than one browser process open at the same time?

So something like, restarting your computer, and then loading Lichess into a fresh new session on Chrome or FireFox wouldn't do any good here?

Hi Mephostophilis, I confirm you that even if I only open lichess in my browser, it is not working. Always I got a "Reconnecting" message.

Ya not really what I was asking

Just a cross-browser initialization issue or memory process conflict for example, thanks for noting that little detail though in case that does turn out to provide for the fix, sorry for the waiting

I have the same problem.
Keep on reconnecting and losing time on the board. Sometimes refereshing the page, i get that picture of the robot and the girl playing.

Same problem within the last days. Disconnect and getting the palying robot. Als while playing are delays and moves are not taken bei lichess. I already had the case that the board showed that I have to move, but it was the guy I played who had to move. All this with Firefox 23.1 or 24.0.
To much load on the server? Hick-ups in thread-management?

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