Different colors in module analysis

I think it would be visually very useful in the game analysis mode if the words "mistake", "inaccuracy" or "blunder" have different colors (orange, red, dark red, ...) to highlight the errors. It would also be appropriate to give the variant proposed by the module another color (blue for example).
I don't think it's a complicated modification to the schedule.
Thank you very much for your comments.

Install the Stylus browser extension, and create a new stylesheet for lichess. Then add the following code to the editor, and hit "Save".

/* computer analysis */

comment.inaccuracy + lines, comment.inaccuracy + lines *
background: #56B4E9;
color: #333;
comment.mistake + lines, comment.mistake + lines *
background: #E69F00;
color: #333;
comment.blunder + lines, comment.blunder + lines *
background: #DF5353;
color: #333;

You can of course tweak the colors to your preferences.


Personally, I don't think it's a real improvement.

I think it is better that the website itself is the one that includes this visual improvement. If it is simple to implement even better.
I don't know how to program. I have installed the plugin and I can't get it to look like what you are showing.

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