death match

Since I am in the mood, another suggestion.
Would be great if we can challenge with a death match.

Why is this needed:
- Much fairer to play an even number of games with both colors against the same opponent
- Will feel like a match, besides rating point there is also honor to defend :)

A player is only allowed to leave the match without finishing the max number of rounds if the match is won or lost. Lets say a death match consists of 8 games then after one reaches 4.5 points both sides are allowed to abandon the match without loosing rating points.
If one aborts the match before the end and all 3 outcomes are still possible then I don't know what should happen, but there should be severe punishment :)

I hope at least a 2 game death match should be implemented as an option to choose from. You guarantee that your opponent plays a revenge game with you or otherwise it wil be simply counted as a loss.

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