Dead Draw Detector 2.0


After all your feedback from the last post ( I have significantly improved the algorithm for detecting unwinnable positions (necessary to correctly classify positions after a timeout).

The numbers are really impressive now. The tests on 5 million games from Lichess took an average of 296 μs per position (and never more than 4 ms) running on my personal laptop. Furthermore, over 99.92% of the positions were analyzed in less than 1.5 ms.

I think these numbers make it possible to run this test after every single move during the game, to end the game immediately if a dead draw is detected.

This time I prepared a more elaborated website where you can test and read more about the tool:

Find the open-source code:

Let me know what you think and if you wanna collaborate with me on this!

Thank you all for your feedback!

This is very nice! I find it a bit surprising that a tool like this has not been already implemented and deployed on chess servers/ chess software.

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