Daily Hyper Variant Tournaments

I believe that everyone on this site is for promoting chess, and some, including me, specifically focus on promoting chess variants. Lichess has become the main site for many of the chess variant communities, but let's make it better still! I have noticed that many players like hyper time controls, and many like blitz time controls for variants. We already have a daily variant tournaments with blitz time controls, 3+0 being the current selected time by the lichess team, but we don't have daily, official 1/2+0 tournaments for variants. I propose to have both Daily Hyper (1/2+0) and Blitz (3+0) Variant Tournaments. I believe that this will result in more players playing variants.


And it definitely won't split up the playerbase if that's a concern because the hyper bulleters are a different crowd from the blitzers.

This is a great idea @ijh !!! I also agree with opperwezen that a fraction of an increment would still be nice.

I hate it when normal people suggest stuff on the forum and people start to explain why is it bad why we dont need it etc

and when a famous person suggests, nobody seems to do that

@opperwezen Off-topic, but yeah maybe a fraction of an increment would be cool (make another thread?!). Do you agree with the topic of this post or not?

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