Daily Chess Puzzle by Lichess

@arex I'm not the biggest fan of, but they *did* have a nice system for determining their Daily Puzzle. The puzzles would be easy at the beginning of the week and become harder throughout the week. Once the week ended, however, the puzzles would return to easy and become harder throughout that week as well. This was a nice way of giving most people a Daily Puzzle they could solve every once in a while (instead of using a bunch of puzzles of the same difficulty).

Thanks @Puredication - there are no such plans at the moment, but I'll make a note of it.

this puzzle set up is just fine leave it alone. i don't want known clues as to what is going to happen, e.g., harder puzzles toward end of week.

I agree with codagirl. The current system already has plenty of easy and very challenging puzzles mixed together, I like it how it is.

This is a big ask but if there was an option for themes so people could practice only for example pins or if they want tobe surprised. Also another feature would be puzzles that are not zugzwang, like 'how to use the c-range inthis situation'.
Are the puzzles chosen manually?

I believe puzzles with a rating of 0 should be removed ASAP. And why does one not get any points for solving the first puzzle?

I love Lichess. It has helped me very much. I love the game and the entire program. I really learn a lot from the puzzles but hate it when I make the best move and lose because the puzzle is wrong. Or if there are two equal best moves and the puzzle only allows one. If the puzzle gets a rating of zero, I think it would behoove Lichess to remove it so nobody else has to get frustrated.

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