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  3. Creating a minimum time setting/preference in Lobby

I have my Lobby settings limited to 'Rapid' only as Blitz is too fast for me and I end up making stupid moves (or, at least, I make them even faster than normal).

In the Lobby settings, Blitz is under 8 minutes, and Rapid is under 25. But I still end up seeing players in the lobby with time settings of 3+8, 5+5 etc. Sometimes I don't notice it until after I've started the game.

Is there any way to alter my Lobby settings/preferences so I just do not see them in the first place?

I have a similar problem...
I like to play anything from Blitz to Classic and I also like 2+1 Bullet so I don't want to completely filter out all Bullet. To me it would be a great improvement if I could somehow make the Lobby show me anything 2+1 and longer but doesn't bother me with Hyperbullet.

You are actually only seeing Rapid time controls. 3+8 and 5+5 are both rapid, as they are more than eight minutes when you add the increment. Lichess assumes that the average game is forty moves long, so if you play 3+8 you should expect to receive an extra 320 seconds in increment. Add to that the base time of three minutes and you exceed the 8-minute rapid cutoff.

Yes, I understand now that they are rapid times as they could end up hitting the 8 minute mark, but still wondered if there was a setting/preference that could remove them from the lobby.

Maybe there just isn't though.