Crazyhouse keyboard controls

Announcing a new crazyhouse feature: keyboard drop controls. The number keys 1-5 can be used to drop pieces more quickly.

Hold down '1' and click on the board to drop a pawn. Holding down '2' will prepare for a knight drop, and so on. Please give the feature a try and post feedback or issues here!

This feature currently only work in live games. Analysis pages are coming soon!


This is an excellent feature! Thank you for adding it!

A little glitchy, but still a very nice addition :D

Now I can actually compete in 1+0 CH arenas ;)

1234f or better yet asdf<space>

To use the thumb?

Just checked...nice
I like the fact that pressing the number gives you an idea of what piece you are going to drop...but still, ergonomically 5 is not a great choice.

Can we go into preferences and set whatever we like? Is that too difficult to implement?

Definitely, this is a great feature one way or the other!

Also a note for people who use the AZERTY keyboard layout: this feature won't just work, because the top row of AZERTY keyboards do not correspond to numbers unless you hold the Shift key (and AZERTY is pretty much the only keyboard in the world where it is like this). To make this work on an AZERTY keyboard, you'll have to enable your Caps Lock. (Or what I'm personally doing, switching to a QWERTY-based layout during crazyhouse games.)

At some point perhaps we can add custom keys. Though that is quite a power user feature but I don’t think would add too much code complexity

If the key handlers didn't call e.preventDefault() it'd be very simple for a (programming-capable) user to customize them by making other keys call Mousetrap.trigger("<number>"). But trigger() passes {} as the event.