Corrispondence chess and analysis


I know this is not high priority for an online chess website but I recently tried the corrispondence chess and I have to say that I consider a great limitation the impossibility to save your analysis during the game as if it was a study.

The very core of this kind of chess should be the study, so notes are not sufficient in my opinion.

Do you plan some kind of development?

Thank you and keep up the great work.

I think it's so you can't make it easy to flip on an engine. The best way to play legally is to have all your research in chessbase or a lichess study and keep the game out of studies till it's done. I know it sounds funny, but I think it's intentional.

Especially in correspondence I miss the option to save circle and arrow drawings on the board.

Cheaters don't need more than another window meanwhile any decent chess player will appreciate the opportunity to analyze deeply during a correnspondence game.. I really think the absence of this feature will limit my will to play this chess version here.

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