Completion rate ban

Why are players with 60-70% completion rate still allowed to play rated games?!? I regularly check the completion rate of my opponents and saw MANY players with such abysmal completion rates.

That rate basically implies they abandoned a quarter to a third of their (recent?) games, either by disconnect or rage quit.

Shouldn't they already be banned at this point?

Completion rate checks the last 30 games that a player lost or aborted. Wins are not included. So, a completion rate of 100% indicates that your 30 most recent losses were all normal losses of completed games. 67% would mean that 10 of your last 20 losses/aborted games where aborted or lost without completing the game. This is not as bad as it would be if all games were considered, still a very bad completion rate, of course. Note that if a player does not lose very often (e.g. high rated players or people that just do not play much), the completion rate takes longer to recover. Maybe such player already had a temporary playban.

Thanks for the explanation. But even so, when a THIRD of the last 30 losses are basically rage quit, the consequences should be much more severe, because this is far beyond an accidental disconnect here and there. It's a pattern and should be dealt with swiftly.

Also, I think Lichess should provide an official explanation for how this rate is calculated and the consequences of falling below the threshold.

Or, alternatively, they should change the calculation method to reflect ALL games (not just losses), so as the rate not to appear so low.

Or allow for a way to filter players by completion rate. Not everyone is keen to start games with proven & habitual rage quitters.

@Pashut my completion rate went down about 10% and I never rage quit. Sometimes it was a user error: I clicked a button and a game started but I didn't want to start a game. Or I get lost in thought during the last half of a five minute game (really did that and it was completely innocent) . So my point is that if a guy who does not rage quit (etc) get's a 10% drop then maybe the 30% is far enough to determine that someone is trying to be a poor sport, but perhaps 20% isn't? I don't know what the exact level is, in other words. So lichess has to pick some number, I think they play it giving the benefit of the doubt and all is good like that.

@killF7 -- Thanks for sharing that.

So, if a single game (not even ragequit) drops the rate by 10%, then I really think Lichess should find a way to re-implement this. I mean, ONE game should not have such a large effect on a metric, should it?

@Pashut sorry, I did not mean to give you the impression that it was 1 game. I have no idea how many games it takes. I just know that my completion rate has deviated from 100%. How did it happen? I don't know because I don't pay it much attention. I'm not trying to abuse the system so I don't worry about it. Just glad there's a buffer for idiots like me.

If you join a tournament and don't pay attention you can easily lose a game without playing a move.
If you are in a Swiss tournament waiting for a game to finish and the doorbell rings and games finish quickly you can easily lose a game without playing a move.
If you enter a junior team battle as a team leader so that the team battle appears on your team page but you forget to withdraw before the tournament starts you can easily lose a game without playing a move.

So please do not assume that a low completion rate means a disrespectful person it maybe that they are just a careless old person who on top of everything else might not lose many games.

Not to mention players aborting games on black side (sometimes even sending rematch request after such abort).

I just wish there was an option to say I don't want to be auto matched with players with <90% completion rate.

@CrowChess -- Sorry, but I can't agree with that. Those are not valid excuses, and personally, I don't see much difference in this case between someone who intentionally aborts games and someone else who is "just careless". The fact is that 30-40% of their (latest) games are aborted, leaving their opponents hanging... And if a player is that careless about how their actions affects others, they should be banned or at least provide others with the option to filter them out / avoid them.

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