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  3. Colours - suggestions about graphic design of website

I'm web designer and I love simplistic style of but I think it's a little bit of lacking colours. More contrast would have been propably more cozy which I think that website is missing a bit. Second thing, if you have already made that kind of a modern chess website I really like, why not to go further and put more simplistic pieces like in Magnus Carlsen app. Optional perhaps and it would be beautiful to have the possibility of setting up colours of the board. But the most I would love to see beautiful, simple, modern pieces.

Well, do you have them? Are they even free to use? I'm no designer, I can't draw pieces.

I don't know about them but it's very easy to make similar.

Cool, do it then! Lichess is an open source project, built by volunteers. You can be one of them.

I am happy with the chess pieces that Lichess uses.
As a feedback to the request, ....
Lucas chess thanks the authors of these chess pieces:

Ok. I'm doing it. Where to send it when I finish? If the owners of that site would like it that would be cool to set up those pieces as optional.

Just upload them somewhere and drop a link here. It would be much appreciated, and I would certainly consider adding a piece set picker.

I've done it. You can find it here:

they look great @pirouetti ! nice themeing.

I could see these working. I'm just not sure about the comical approach that you've taken to the geometry, particularly on the rook. Lichess' design is very ultra-modern -- 90 degree angles, everything in proportion...

If you can take more influences from Staunton's modern design, I think these will be perfect.