Chessboard not displayed correctly under Vivaldi


I started to use the Vivaldi browser. Today I wanted to play some antichess on Lichess and the my pieces - except my king - were not displayed at all. I'm pretty sure the pieces were there as if I clicked to the place where one of my pawns should be then I have seen the little dots indicating where could I move them. Blindefolded mode was off for sure.

Have not seen this problem under Chrome at all.

Not sure if this is just me...


I've been using Vivaldi for years. I wonder if there was a DNS error while trying to load images.

Nope... I have tried playing a game under the Brave browser and I had the exact same issue: black - except the king - pieces dont show up. They are there as I can move them, but stay invisible.

Actually, I have tried posting this comment under Brave and the CAPTCHA didt make any sense. It took me couple seconds to realize that black pieces are not loaded to the CAPTCHA either!

I'm also using Vivaldi, and I never had this problem. Try disabling all extensions. Maybe an adblocker or a user script is interfering.

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