Chess Insights information seems be not updated

In my own profile, I do "Chess Insights". By default, I get the average centipawn loss by variant. The average cebtipawn loss seems to be not updated. In addition, the number of moves do not grow with the games (e.g For bullet : 3'743 moves with 304 games which is impossible : 12 moves/games reported instead of a value higher than 30 moves/game).
What do you think?
How is it for other players?
Thanks in advance for your feedback?

I thought Chess Insights only looks at a portion of your games, not all of them. Not completely sure though.

When I click on my profile page I don't see any "Chess Insights" button to click. Please let me know what I am missing/ IT seems like a very interesting analysis of game patterns & I'd like to try it! (I've searched for the answer to this but no luck- it's likely there somewhere & I'm missing it.)

@Philco580 on the page of chess Insights in your profile there is a button in the upper left corner ("update statistics"), you should press it to add new games. Does it help?

@swimmerBill I can't see it from mobile, it is visible only from PC, try to open your profile on PC, or turn on "version for PC" on your browser. Does it help?

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