Chess Bots on lichess

I like the new feature which introduced chess bots to lichess under their own account. Is there a list of all bot accounts? The only account I know of is @LeelaChess but there are probable more accounts. Would be interesting to see.

Truth be told, I think Leela is so far the only (recognized) bot on here.

Why does Leela chess have 2 accounts? Is it because the Official one is used only for important matches (like vs penguin)?

I've made a bot only for ultra, with my own engine (it's actually not exactly engine). It plays, probably, around 2000 (but maybe not, just 1600-1700) level. You can challenge me (only ultrabullet): @UltraIngot.

Why do we have bots here? Can someone please explain?

I have no problem with it... I just want to understand why and what the purpose are and how they work. Please point me to some reading about them?

@bengtf This is a new experimental feature and thus not well-documented and also the API for it can change in the future, but here you can see how to make a bot now. Why? Because it's fun! The engine developers can test the bots here and see how they perform against humans and other bots.

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