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  3. cheaters would scam rating by proposing takeback then offering a draw

How do deal with these idiots?
we need some clear way to do this.

van9 (1375)

is the idiot in question here
can we place the offer draw and takeback proposal
in slightly different squares so the drawing scam cannot be done?

Anonymous #3

told you, I think the mods owe myself and a few others an apology. I mod another site he trolls thats how I knew

No idea what you guys are talking about.

he plays e4, i play c5
he proposes a takeback. i move my mouse to accept it; then just as i'm about to click the takeback he switches the offer to a draw
and i accidentally click it.

i agree with xiaoqiao that it would be nice to have them at different places, even though it doesn´t happen all too frequently atmo.

Anonymous #7

You can simply wait maybe 5 seconds (in a long game) before clicking it, instead of instantly moving to accept his takeback request. Or you can simply just click on his profile, check the past few game results (if they are many draws, assume he'll 'scam' you, and don't accept it).

You could ignore the takeback, or just, like mentioned before, wait a few seconds before. Or you could remember the name of the player and not play him again if you come upon this.