when u solving a puzzle, u can press the link to the game, turn computer on, and then find the answer.

Well what did you think lol.
You weren't gonna get flagged with: 'this player uses engines to enhance his puzzle solving abilities' ;D

Cheating on puzzles doesnt affect any other player than yourself. So you only trick yourself to believe you are good

@Lord_axe is completely right. Another point why cheating in puzzles is not "prohibited" is because it would be insanely hard to try and implement a tool for detecting that

Besides, The puzzles require you to find the best move in the position. So technically there is nothing to stop you from using an engine to solve them.

Sometimes I'll play a game against myself for practice. And when I'm not looking I take a rook or a knight off the board. Hehe sucker. It's cheating but unrated practice games so I get away with it.