Castling bug in correspondence

I'm playing a rated correspondence game with a user called jdjdjdjdjdla in which your software allowed me to make an illegal O-O-O move.

See FIFA rule 3.8.b.(2).a of the rules.

I'm new to this site and don't know how to include a link to the game.

Just find a game in your history and post the hyperlink here. I'm guessing it's this one
O-O-O is not illegal here since the king is never crossing an attacked field. If the rook is crossing an attacked field, the castling is allowed.

Blessed are those who find the right rule AND who are able to read it thoroughly.

@BrownFoodGood i recommend that you buy the book Startling Castling by Robert Timmer and read it thoroughly. There is questions whether castling is legal or not.

Thats actually pretty hilarious sargon, i understand your reaction in my topic

the real question here is how on earth do you make a move like 21...Kb8?? in a correspondence game!?

Thank you OnlyStupidNamesLeft for the clarification. I was mistaken. Unhelpful snarky comments are not blessed.

1. I can't believe I'm the first to point out that it's FIDE, not FIFA
2. Those rules are outdated. Here's the latest version: ( says essentially the same thing as before)
3. It's not a completely unfounded concern that a chess site with hundreds of millions of games played might not have implemented castling correctly:
4. Even Lichess had a bug with impossible pawn captures until recently:

3. Should be interesting to see how quickly such a large site can turn on a dime to fix that (such that the pieces move correctly).
4. That was an April 1 post; IIRC the last time Lichess had a non-variant move generation bug was 5 years ago, where playing Rh1, Rh3, Rb3, Rbb1 then castling would delete the rook on b1.