Can't change name of new tournament

When creating a new tournament, I can't change the name. There is no option for it available. But with another account I can. What is the difference?

Thanks for an answer

First of all
Ha! You have made two accounts!
Very bad

You too Arin. AnUnknownBoy is your another account.
Very bad for u2.

And me2

Excuse me!
I don't have two accounts
If you don't know anything
Don't say anything

Shut up Arin.
You're were staying to me this is my second account.
And now you are saying you don have.
You are not trustworthy
You change your words everytime.😡

If you remembered anything
I told you it's not my account
It's of my friend

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you said I mostly play with this account. Hv u forgotten ur words?
Don't annoy me now?

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