Can’t add conditional pre-moves on mobile

I wasn’t able to add conditional pre-moves on a correspondence game from a mobile device. Is it me or is this feature missing on mobile.

I have a workaround. Click on the box to disable chat and then enable it again. Now, the option to open analysis board will magically appear.

Looks like this feature has already been added now. My workaround becomes unnecessary.

I have never been able to add conditional premoves for correspondence games on the phone app. A can get the analysis board just fine, but no matter how many moves ahead I play I cannot find the button or menu option to add conditional premoves. Where is this option?

@Pawnadian in this post I was talking about the mobile website where the conditional premoves work fine. And now that you made me realize I wasn't able to add conditional premoves inside the app. I think they still have to implement v2 in the app hope it arrives soon,

I think the app is abandoned, isn't it? Everyone is supposed to simply use the website.

@ioxod No they stated they're still planning to work on the app and it's handy for offline puzzles.

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