Cannot export PGN in the new mobile app

After a game:

Bottom left button -> Share -> Share PGN -> Bottom left button -> Share & export

From here:
Share raw PGN has an error: Access-Control-Allow-Origin cannot contain more than one origin.


Share annotated PGN:
Opens up the board annotator and doesn't share anything

Also, as a side note...this now takes like 6 taps to do so is pretty annoying.

Is it possible to download your historic games?

@plivesey I have the same issue. Share game URL does nothing, share PGN simply shows the analysis board.

iPhone 11, iOS 13.4 (beta 1)
iPhone 10R, iOS 13.4 (beta 1)

Same issue here, both iPhone and iPad (iPhone XS / iPad Pro, iOS 13.3.1, Lichess 7.0.0). After a game, tapping Share > Share game URL does nothing as far as I can tell. Tapping Share > Share PGN takes me to the analysis board (which I'm guessing isn't the intended behavior). From the analysis board, after tapping the lower-left menu button > Share & export:

- Share game URL still does nothing as far as I can tell
- Share annotated PGN goes to the board editor
- Share raw PGN says " is unreachable. Access-Control-Origin cannot contain more than one origin"
- Share current FEN works (correctly pops up the iOS sharing menu)

It looks like the bug was half fixed. It works for normal games but no longer works if the game has been analyzed by a computer.

Go to a game and request a computer analysis
Tap share and export
Tap on raw pgn

Instead of sharing it it goes to ‘learn from your mistakes’

I did temporarily solve sharing, using web on my PC, it works. I wonder, why lichess support does not fix that..

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