Can We Trust Online Chess? is a great online chess website but can we still trust it and cheaters on it? In short, no. I found that as long as you have 2 accounts with 2 different emails, there are two relatively simple ways to cheat and gain a better rating. Simply by challenging your other account and purposely losing games from one account, you can transfer hundreds of points to the other account. The second way is to use the Stockfish Analysis board on one account while playing on the other. You can move perfectly every time. As long as you make at least one blunder, Lichess cannot determine that you were cheating. This means that as long as you have 2 emails, anyone can cheat! I can no longer trust Lichess or any other online chess website as one single person can ruin your rating or show a false rating. Thank you to all of my followers who have supported me:

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Hope you all have a wonderful day, and keep on playing those games.

These are the cheaters who were caught out instantly. Of course this is checked constantly. Play with two accounts against each other and you are dead as a dodo.

"As long as you make at least one blunder, Lichess cannot determine that you were cheating."

Most cheaters think that it cannot... right until they are caught. ;)

Lichess anti-cheating algorithms look at much more than just the 4 numbers we get to see in the analysis window.

My point is that there are sooooo many games played on Lichess and with hundreds of thousands of games played per day, Lichess and it's moderators can't moderate every single game ever played. People are getting away with it right now and no one and nothing will ever stop them. is an amazing chess website, the the amount of users is too powerful...

Good luck! Someday we will register online with our full name and ssi numbers to perhaps fix the problem once and for all. See you then.

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